Episode 3 with Aisha Brooks-Lytle

Listen to our latest episode, featuring part one of our conversation with Aisha Brooks-Lyle.

Episode 6 with Myles Markham

Our latest episode features Myles Markham of the Reformation Project.

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Season 5 kicks off with Julian Reid

Our latest episode featuring jazz pianist Julian Reid is now available!

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Behind the Scenes

Stephanie Eley, aijcast partner, took these photos behind the scenes of Marthame's recent interview with Darci Jaret.

Episode Five with DaQuarius Greene

Our latest episode features inspirational speaker DaQuarius "Q" Greene.

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Episode Four with Joe Stu

Atlanta hip hop artist Joe Stu on how his lyrics and themes are influences by his visual art, his academic research, and his experience as a teacher.

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Episode Two with Dwayne Shivers

Micah Dalton and Anthony Aparo from musical duo Dwayne Shivers stopped by for an intimate conversation and performance.

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