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aijcast is all about the transformative power of art: how artists draw from sacred wells of inspiration in order to create and make the world a better place. And it is also about how all of us, whether we think of ourselves as artists or not, can learn from them in order to create a little beauty of our own.

We operate as a bare bones, non-profit organization. The reality, of course, is that what we do takes money. And so, we turn to you - our listeners - to ask you for your support. Here is just a sample of what your donation helps us accomplish:

  • $25 pays for one month of website hosting

  • $100 covers our equipment costs for one month

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  • $1000 covers the production costs for one episode

We will also be donating 10% of the funds raised to a charity that works at this important intersection of art, inspiration, and justice.

We have a full array of thank you gifts provided by our artist partners. Take a look below, and then make your donation.

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A little history: Our first episode launched on March 31, 2017; since then, we have produced 85 episodes; we have transformed our website into a platform for our artists; we have partnered with photographer Stephanie Eley on a series of narrative photo shoots; and we have held four live events in collaboration with Park Avenue Baptist Church.

Our partners have made their art available as thank you gifts for your donations: