2019 News from A Stranger and a Friend

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“This has been quite the year for us (Lindsay, Josh, Cat) pushing into the reoccurring lessons of patience, faith and trust. We want to say, thank you. Thank you for all the words of encouragement and belief in us. Thank you for your gracious gifts. Thank you for your friendship near and far. You mean the world to us. 

As we sit back and reflect on 2018, it's been a whirlwind. We had all the ups and downs life just brings both personally and as a band. We can say one of the best parts of the year was surpassing our dream of raising enough support to create an official album…

…For us, our ambitious vision for 2019 is to create three distinct albums that reflect the different creative communities and sounds around us. Sounds that inspire us. Staying true to our band's  essence of creative collaboration, we hope to bring in many voices that normally wouldn't play/sing together to push us outside our comfort zone. Our three CDs will (hopefully) capture this: A feeling of belonging, a feeling of togetherness, even through the messiness of life. The year of three.  

Here's the rough plan for 2019:

March - Release Album #1

March 14th - Album Release Concert, Live at Eddies Attic, Atlanta! Buy your tix now!

Spring - Record Album #2 alongside musical friends with Atlanta producer, Will Robertson 

Summer - Release Album #2 & Concert with Friends 

Late Fall - Live Show Recording of Album #3. A creative concept surprise. 

Winter - Hibernate.

We hope this season brings you joy and peace, as well as a warm, hot cup beverage next to some of your favorite people & furry animals.  

A big hug from us, 

Lindsay, Josh, Cat 

A Stranger and a Friend 

 P.S. If you didn't know, we have five Holiday/Christmas covers available on Spotify. Enjoy!