Drawn: Lyrics


Drawn (©2016 Marthame Sanders)

Here 'neath the steeple, with all of our people, we're judged by the quick and the dead.

This Christ-haunted place with its fables of grace, while our sanity hangs by a thread.

But oh: lines have been drawn;

But oh: it's coming undone.

Hearing these first-hand encounters with Jesus, I wish I had been there to ask

If life's here to please us, delight us, or tease us while wearing its false-hooded mask.

But oh: guns have been drawn.

But oh: the battle's begun.

The bend of the arc lies beyond the horizon, or so I've been told to believe.

But here's where we're dying. No tears left for crying, not even a moment to breathe.

But oh: blood has been drawn.

But oh: the victory's won.