ARC Welcomes New Team Members


ARC (A Creative Collaborative for Theopoetics) has announced hiring three new staff members, including Darci Jaret. Here is their statement:

We are at the launch phase of two new initiatives that are currently in their planning stage. As part of that plan, we have brought on board some new staff to help us dream, plan, and build. Tuhina Rasche has joined us as the Coordinator for Young Adult Engagement and will be working on developing ARC’s programs to support emerging young leaders whose work thrives in places where spiritual and creative practices meet. Her work will build on what we learned from last year’s inaugural “Exploring the Arts as Faithful Service.” Yohana Junker and Darci Jaret have both come to us to work on our ARC Studio initiative, a project we first announced at Theopoetics 2018 in Boston. The Studio will be an online platform built to support collaborative work between artists, people of faith, and scholars, designed so that the resources produced are available to communities that might not have regular access to formal theological education or hubs of intense artistic activity. More information about both of these projects will be coming as we get them up and running. In the meantime, here’s a rousing welcome to our new team members!