We Are All Musicians


In one of our anticipated episodes, I was speaking with Atlanta musician Cinnamon Denise. I made some offhand comment about how she's a legit musician, while I just own instruments. She pushed back at me: "You're a musician, too! We're all musicians!" She then went on to describe how each of us makes music: when we speak, our voices modulate. Our hearts beat: we have an innate rhythm within us. Each of us makes music - some of us just organize that sound into a song.

That underscored what I hope this whole project is about. As we connect the dots between art, inspiration, and justice, I believe in my soul that we are all artists, whether we see ourselves that way or not. We are, each of us, created by a Creator who desires that we also create.

In this final push, I invite you to support aijcast. Spread the word about aijcast. And make some beauty of your own.