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The Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Palestine (Katie Archibald-Woodward)

The Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Palestine (Katie Archibald-Woodward)

Photographer Katie Archibald-Woodward announces the grand opening of her online shop, just in time for a little more gift giving! Receive 10% off all orders through December 10.

In addition to what you see there, you can find a few more photographs in "Landscapes" under the "Photography" tab. If you see something you like there, let Katie know and I she can add it.

If you are more inclined to make a donation gift, Katie's got you covered!  She has been accepted to the VII Tutorial Program in Milan, Italy, where she will be learning from National Geographic photographer Ed Kashi about photojournalism within the human rights arena!  Within a community of 12 other international students, she will be sharing "Through The Checkpoint" and developing my next project "The Christians of the Holy Land".

From Italy she goes to Palestine/Israel for three weeks, spending time with Palestinian Christians: interviewing, documenting and researching in preparation for a return in the fall for an anticipated 3.5 months.

Your art purchases and donations help make Katie's work happen!