Katie Archibald-Woodward in the Holy Land


The latest news from Katie Archibald-Woodward (click here to read more):

I am so happy to report we accomplished all the photos and story sharing with the children yesterday.  All went successfully in, what I perceive as, classic Palestinian style -- in a different manner and method than originally planned, but successful!  Here so much of life is about flexibility, openness, hope, and trust.  To have a vision and then step courageously and creatively in the direction of your vision despite having to change, perhaps over and over, how it will happen.  The number of children we would work with, their age range, the location and date of the photography, the location of the recordings, the time frame in which we would work all changed multiple times including yesterday.  But it ALL worked out.  The vital elements were all met: working with a diverse group of youth in Bethlehem, photographing them in a consistent manner, and recording them in a quiet place.  

Now onto transcribing all their stories in Arabic and English and creating the art!  Once we are ready to exhibit we will do so in Bethlehem, the States, and anywhere else in the world you would like to bring the project!  Simply email me to bring "Children of Bethlehem" to your community or learn more!  

In the mean time, THANK YOU AGAIN for your amazing support!  We are still looking for financial partners if you would like to join us.  We have raised one third of our budget, $6,700 of $20,000, thanks to your generous contributions.  You can help us reach our goal HERE!

With much joy and hope,