Top Ten Reasons to Support aijcast

To mark ten days left in aijcast's fundraising drive, here's a little throwback Top Ten List:

  • 10: Discover gifted artists in Atlanta and beyond as they talk about their creative process
  • 9: Get some cool swag for your donation
  • 8: Learn how to tap into your own creativity 
  • 7: Your donation is tax-deductible
  • 6: Eavesdrop on intimate conversations and performances that connect art to its sacred origins
  • 5: One word: plastics*
  • 4: Support the arts at a critical time
  • 3: Admit it: you've always wanted to listen to photography
  • 2: We are in deep need of justice right now
  • 1: Keep Marthame out of trouble

*Mr. McGuire, The Graduate, 1967

We have ten days to raise $11,360. Thank you for your support!