Drawing from Sacred Wells

Last September, I took a leap of faith. After 10 years at Oglethorpe Presbyterian, I began an apprenticeship with the 1001 New Worshiping Communities program. Through that discernment process, I have connected with artists, a connection that draws on my awe at art’s power to inspire people to change their worlds – both within and outside the church. From Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On to the photo of dust-covered Syrian child, art can move people from complacency to action. Creating art is, I believe, a fundamentally sacred urge. And when that art inspires people to build the world that God’s desires, then heaven has broken through to earth.

At the end of March, I am launching aijcast, a podcast featuring conversations and performances at the intersection of art, inspiration, and justice. The line up for the first season includes musicians, pastors, theologians, photographers, actors, dancers, painters, and writers. In each episode, we dig into their sacred wells of inspiration. And as we do, their art not only inspires, it also teaches us something about how we are all vessels for God’s sacred desires.

It is my hope that this ministry will have an impact on the church, and that it will reach far beyond our walls to those who might never set foot on our property. And in order to make it happen, we are looking for partners and supporters.

So far, we have already raised 25% of our financial goal. That’s awesome! And we still need another $12,000 so that this podcast will see the light of day.  Here is what your tax-deductible gift accomplishes:

In addition, our artist partners have made their art available as thank you gifts for your donation.

You can find out much more by exploring our website. Feel free to email me, or to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo. You can also sign up for our weekly e-news.