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Travel with Katie Archibald-Woodward to the Holy Land


Katie Archibald-Woodward is now leading trips to the Holy Land!

April-May 2019: 10 Days - Staying in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the Galilee area.

From Katie:

“We will be joined by my colleague and friend, Omar, a Palestinian Christian whose family has been living in Jerusalem for centuries.

Together we will help facilitate an experience in which you will get to:

  • Explore the ancient and contemporary histories and holy sites

  • Share meals and conversations with local people

  • Encounter the variety of faith traditions and cultures

  • Learn from people committed to fostering peaceful coexistence

I am aware many people have limited vacation time and when they take it they want to make the most of it. You can count on Life Illuminated Travel to be a mix of robust, reflective and reinvigorating.”

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